Publishing in the Pandemic

The pandemic and Brexit continue to have a bearing on my book Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’.  On the day I was officially published, Covid-19 had already hit UK news. We went into lockdown too late.

My Book Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’ Finding the Calm after the Storm part memoir, part motivational guide is a feel-good factor book, particularly appropriate for Covid times. It allows us to ponder our lives, our past, and present experiences, and brings about an altogether different thinking from us.

The global economy is unlikely to return to a pre-pandemic normal until vaccines on effective treatments are available. Even then, with vaccines and treatments in place it will take time to build broken economies.

Becoming an author wasn’t something I thought about. I came into writing late on the back of a disability I didn’t know I had until I was 46. Coming into writing at a time when the industry changed has been both difficult and challenging and still continues to be challenging. Whilst I wouldn’t change anything, the landscape has changed.

Whilst paper books are still available and being produced, the way we read and buy books has changed. Through the pandemic people are less likely to want to venture into a bookstore and are choosing to buy their books on-line.

Having to deal with Covid has meant we’re moving away from each other, for many it’s a coping mechanism, for others it’s simply time out and to reassess where they are with things. In the absence of a vaccine, this will have significant implications for how we live our lives and how we choose to spend our money.

I am hoping that my memoir and self-help book will begin to see the value of my book in helping people to get through and cope with the pandemic. If scientists are to be believed, Covid is one of many pandemics yet to come. It is important we change how we adapt, my book helps with that.

A different approach from us needs to happen if we are to find success. Where the book industry has changed, there is still time to pull back and reassess and help those like me who need the help. I am not a celebrity, but I have ‘a worthy story’ to tell.

If I had my time again would I choose to publish in a pandemic? I just needed to bring my disability together, it needed to happen and the reason for me penning pen to paper. It’s just how that worked out.

I am saddened by what’s happening. I couldn’t have foreseen what I know now, but I draw comfort from my words, from a book that gives us reasons to change our lives and for us to be able to do better. I would love if I could have your support by buying my book because it helps me to continue to run my website The CP Diary. It is for everyone who cares about their mental health.

My Book, part memoir/part motivational guide, is available to buy on Amazon /UK or Amazon US, and in all good bookstores, including Waterstones and Salts Mill.

Thank you.

6 Oct, 2020

4 thoughts on “Publishing in the Pandemic

  1. It must have been difficult for you publishing in the pandemic. When it comes to the pandemic the biggest issue has been that just because the government can’t see the problem, they don’t believe that it really exists. Sadly we even currently have a President who is still not taking the virus seriously, even after catching it.

    I hand delivered a copy of your book to my daughter’s house since I thought that it would be an inspiration for her. I also hoped she would possibly reach out to you, as being an inspiration to her, seeing as she would be able to see what you have been able to accomplish even with the issues you have.

    1. Thanks Randy. Hopefully when your daughter is feeling better, she may pick up my book and choose to look through it.

      I know you’re looking out for her and you’re trying to find ways to help her. Fingers crossed, things change soon.

  2. Ilana, I enjoy reading The CP Diary every single morning. But I was particularly delighted to read your new book, Cerebral Palsy A Story: Finding the Calm After The Storm.

    You have a gifted way of expressing yourself to your readers, vivid absorbing and penetrating. You possess everything a good writer needs, including courage.

    Publishing in a pandemic, especially one as horrific as this is not easy, but you must keep writing. You have something incredibly important to say and you’re not nearly finished.

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