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I have heard authors say how hard it is to write when there is potential for criticism of their work. I started writing 12 years ago through my blog, The CP Diary.

I thought it might be helpful for me and others, to explain how I put my books together. It took me 3 years to put my first book together. Once it was published, I started to put the manuscript together for my second book, which took me just over a year and a half to complete. My second book was easier to put together, because I already had a base from which I could work.

Each blog I have used in my books, have been adapted so they work for the book, which is different to the blog. Given the fact that I never knew about my mental or emotional struggles, or the fact that I had a disability, meant it would have been difficult to go into detail and bring the other side of my life into it.

When you don’t know about your life and you physically, mentally and emotionally struggle that is the life you continue to live, usually without question until you question. It’s not something you can elaborate, or go into detail on. Instead, I sensitively put ‘my story’ together, in a way that allowed me to explore my feelings so that I could work through the healing process.

What other people’s expectations are from a book is emotionally subjective to the individual. These accounts are written in my words, in the way I am able to think, in the way I am able to process and in the way I am able to communicate. My books are a true likeness of the way that I process. It is because I deal with autism that readers may experience a writing style different to the collective norm.

My books offer readers the opportunity to see how I have embarked upon a journey towards a greater acceptance of self, to sense a way of calm, to seek a greater understanding, of not only myself, but of the world around me.

*Happy Thanksgiving*

25 Nov, 2021

2 thoughts on “Putting my books together

  1. One thing I have been struggling with is how I put my own book together. I imagine I would have to start writing; there is so much to get out of my head which I know will help me to make sense of things.

    You have been such a power of example to me, for which I am truly grateful. Thanks so much for listening to me and helping me out when you could.

    I am hoping and praying that one day it will finally be safe enough to travel and meet up with you in the real world.

    1. Thanks Randy. No worries. I was more than happy to help out. I’m pleased you found me helpful!

      Yes, although the world is up and running again, we are nowhere near finished with Covid-19, although listening to some of those decisions, you would have thought Covid was gone.

      I think you can begin to make sense of things Randy. Contributing to my blog in the way you have and continue to do (thank you) will also help you make sense of things.

      And whilst we’re not always in a position to change things immediately, I believe we can all come to understand.

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