Shared Experiences

Although we may have shared experiences, we will interpret and take different things from ‘those shared’ experiences that puts us on a different path.

No matter what my childhood experiences were, or how I saw my childhood, my path was to find out about a disability I didn’t know I had, my journey was to write about my disability, to bring that to life so that I would finally know and bring closure.

My parents were supposed to do what they did, so that I would come to have the life I have as an author and writer. Growing up without knowing was difficult, but I had already unconsciously chosen not to be defined by the fact I didn’t know what my issues, or disability were. I had to wait.

If there was going to be a pioneer of someone talking about disability, then why not me? My Story needed to be told. Without telling it, I would never have known about my ‘disability,’ or could never have known about ‘me.’

As a child, I was always cognisant of the fact that I had ‘a bad leg and bad foot’ but never understood what those meant. Those thoughts were there when I went to bed at night and when I woke in the morning. They were haunting, they never left me.

I knew there was a bigger picture, that there were things I didn’t know about myself, there were things I wasn’t being told. With anything we deal with, we have a right to know. That’s basic stuff.

Although my book Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’ shows that my story is unique, it also shows that each of us have a story that is valid and unique, but that we must dig deep and reconcile. My thoughts and feelings in the book, which are based on ‘universal understanding’ are open to each of us.

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10 Jul, 2021

2 thoughts on “Shared Experiences

  1. We all have shared experiences, but as you say it is all down to interpretation of those experiences, which is some way doesn’t help us.

    In your case though, your interpretations have been spot on. You have the ability to recall and write down your experiences in the way your experiences happened.

    1. Thanks. I was always determined to look at my experiences positively, no matter what I went through.

      I didn’t want to tie into my experiences negatively. No matter if our experiences belong to us or we share our experiences, I believe the slant we put on those experiences is important.

      However we see those experiences usually determines how our future will work out. The more positive we are, the more we will look for those opportunities.

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