Understanding and Change

I don’t hold back because I know I would be in a worse place mentally. Since I started writing, I have always written about my thoughts and feelings, my emotions. I know that if I didn’t, my mental health would take a knock.

My book Cerebral Palsy: A Story ‘Finding the Calm After the Storm’ is the start of my understanding my life, and understanding my disability through the universal principles. Working through everything in a self-contained place has not only changed the way I see my life, but it allows others to see and understand their lives also, through the universal principles.

My follow-on book, Spirituality, Healing and Me, is my spiritual and healing journey. When you bring understanding into any situation that you didn’t have before, you very much change the way you deal with that situation.

Writing about my life and disability in my first book, and taking myself through my spiritual and healing journey in my second book, I have brought closure on a life lived and that has changed the way I think and feel about what happened to me.

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23 Oct, 2021

2 thoughts on “Understanding and Change

  1. There are many times I wish I didn’t feel so much like I have to hold back my feelings, but it was the way I was brainwashed, so I do understand it.

    I wasn’t allowed to think, act or feel, so it’s no wonder that it feels like such a foreign concept to me. I’m sure that is why I have such a hard time to even get started on my writing, but I know I would feel so much better if I could get what I feel out.

    There is a good 50 years of rage and frustration buried deep inside me, so it definitely needs to come out before it’s too late. I don’t want to carry this into the next world, since I would probably be one of those wandering souls that could never truly rest.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, I get you and understand also. Although your experiences differ to mine, our struggles emotionally have been similar.

      I hope my blogs go some way to validating you and your experiences. There’s a famous saying that goes “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I know you are stronger than you think.

      It is important not to own what doesn’t belong to you, but find an acceptance so that you can change moving forward.

      Whilst we cannot change the past, we can change how we continue to move forward and choose to live our lives. We all can.

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