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Writing my book although cathartic, was difficult; not a decision taken lightly, but coming to a realisation that without writing about my disability, I would still not know about my disability today.

I needed to get past just knowing I had a bad leg and foot. I needed to know about my mental and emotional struggles, why I was failing and why I got to this place without knowing. I needed to bring my life together in a safe, self-contained place that allowed me to talk about my experiences and to bring understanding.

I didn’t do this to me, others did this to me, I merely brought myself to a place so I could find out. I needed to do it for myself. Unless an author is writing a piece of fiction, they may always have doubts over what they pen to paper.

On our part, it is important we understand ourselves. I penned to paper, so that I could understand. Writing doesn’t change the facts, the meaning or the intent behind our words, but those will depend on how we choose to write.

Writing my memoir helped me understand a lifetime of experiences; I believe that if our intentions are honourable, our writing will always work out.

My Book, part memoir/part motivational guide, is available to buy on Amazon http://amzn.to/2qrpiy8 /UK or Amazon http://amzn.to/2WPE2Vy US and in all good book stores, including Waterstones and Salts Mill.

Thank you.

16 Sep, 2020

4 thoughts on “Writing intent

  1. Your writing has given you a sense of meaning, understanding and purpose.

    For us it gives hope, which is the lifeblood of everything good that gets done and the very act of being human.

    1. Thank you. Yes, absolutely. I initially started with a sense of foreboding, because I knew nothing and needed to know everything. Now I know everything I need to know about my physical, mental and emotional difficulties.

      It’s been quite a journey for me and I hope for others too, because of how I write. I put my thoughts out there, but I do so from a universal standpoint; which means my words can relate to each of us through my experiences.

      Each blog sends out a powerful message, my words are based around hope and universal change.

  2. It’s remarkable that your book is without denial or disregard of what we feel in everyday life.

    It goes deeper than that, you want your readers to enjoy peace that is truly permanent. This book is a must read.

    1. Thanks Tim. I believe the more true we are to ourselves, our experiences and our situation, the more our lives will work out.

      We must all remember that our thoughts are a conversation with the ‘universe’ so denying or have a disregard of our experiences will change our lives considerably and not always for the better.

      I lived with hope and that hope carried me through. The universe was very aware of my plight and knew long before me how my life would work out.

      Where you say, ‘it goes deeper than that, you want your readers to enjoy peace that is truly permanent. This is a must read’ – I have always put others first. If I can make other people’s lives easier through my own experiences then my experiences won’t have been in vain.

      I hope more people will check my book out and see for themselves first hand what my book can do for them.

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