“Writing is easy”

“Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words” – Mark Twain

Or is it? Yes, we can all put pen to paper, but we must learn how to hone our craft so we produce a book others want to read, aspire and learn from. It’s an art. The hardest part of honing your craft is understanding how you can make a difference. You have to invest your time in creating a piece of work that is unique to the world.

We all believe we have something important we want to say that the world needs to hear, but the process of writing can be far removed from that of our expectations. Writing is a process that can take years to hone and master and we may still not produce a masterpiece.

But it’s not as easy as it looks. Writing consumes who we are, and what we do. The difficulty of writing has nothing to do with a pen and paper, or the monitor or keyboard. But it does have everything to do with our heart and soul and the mind behind our words.

Sitting down to write isn’t easy, because we’re human and we resist. For every reason we give ourselves to carry on, we’ve already given ourselves 10 more excuses why we can’t. We overlook that we’re not the only one penning pen and paper. We overlook the competition out there.

For every wannabe author there are ten thousand other wannabe authors also looking for the big time, who also think they have a book. What we write must stand out from the crowd for our writing to be noticed.

Although what you write might be good, there will be 500 other people who have done it better. On our part, we must learn to emotionally connect with our words, bring what we have to life in a way that it’s never been done before.

We must find the understanding, the wisdom and must surrender our thoughts, and write from the heart and soul.

21 Apr, 2020

2 thoughts on ““Writing is easy”

  1. You are totally an author, Ilana. Your heart and soul placed into words is what I found most inspiring.

    Eventually, I’ll write a book, hopefully developing the most articulate statements possibly like you did.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, it’s taken me many months to get my head around the concept that my words are the book’s inspiration.

      Because of autism, I continue to struggle to connect with my words. I don’t connect with those and I am having to continually remind myself of what I have achieved with the book.

      The feedback for any author is important, I am thrilled you loved the book Tim. You know where I am if you need any help with your writing.

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