How karma works

Whether we believe in karma or not, does its theory hold good, irrespective of whether we believe in it or not?

The law of nature is that any system will return to its original state of balance, unless a new force holds it at a different level. If and when this force is removed, the system will return to its original state. If an outside influence happens, that new influence will lead nature to a new state and the process will begin again.

Therefore, what goes around comes around is as a one-on-one effect, (not ever) Karma in itself isn’t that simple. There will always be outside influences at one or more other point in time, therefore balance will eventually be restored, but by a counteracting force. It is that counteracting force that can happen at any time that we have no control over that changes how the initial deed and karma is enforced.

Unfortunately, not everything that happens by nature is visible to human intelligence and consciousness. It is because of this that it is difficult to know whether everything returns to its original state. Some parts are visible and recognisable through our own response to our emotions and thoughts, but it may be that some actions return to us as reactions further down the line.

I believe that what goes around comes around, will come around and restore the balance or equilibrium, subject to new modifications due to outside influences, which unfortunately are not always in our control and not in the form we expect or anticipate. Karma will happen, but not always in the form we anticipate.

Therefore, we must put our trust in karma and the universe that it will work its magic to restore balance, but it’s something we must wait for patiently.

14 Aug, 2016

10 thoughts on “How karma works

  1. It’s good to know this is how karma works. In my experience those that deserve payback don’t always get it and those they have wronged don’t always feel that justice has prevailed. It’s all well and good believing in how this all works but that doesn’t make it a less bitter pill to swallow.

    I can think of loads of personal situations, which to my knowledge karma seems to be taking a back seat. I would like to think that some day the wrongs will be righted, but it remains to be seen.

    1. I can understand your frustrations, but not knowing isn’t the same as thinking justice hasn’t been done.

      As I explained, karma happens but unfortunately it’s not always visible, so we’re not always totally aware of what that person has had to deal with and whether karma has been served.

      I agree with you that we’re left feeling that justice hasn’t been done and that if there was such a thing as karma, we would all have payback; but it’s the system here that needs to change. We need to stop protecting the people who need to be exposed, like the Sir Jimmy Saville case has shown. We’re partly to blame.

      That’s a totally different discussion. Karma concentrates on the deed; the person. Karma happens. I draw comfort from knowing that karma happens; that karma will write a wrong. It’s not for me to wish karma be done a certain way or at a certain time.

      All that does is draw us into bad karma where we want and continue to seek payback, manipulation and revenge. Payback in that way isn’t for to want. It’s for karma to do.

  2. Karma works in mysterious ways, but it works. I believe in it so much that I’ve walked away from battles that I believe I’ve already won.

    So are you a good person? If so, Karma will reward you for whatever reason at whatever time.

    1. Yes I believe it works too, but like every belief system, it makes life tough when we’re amongst those who don’t believe; because there will always be a difference of opinion of how this (karma) works round an issue we’re trying to resolve.

      As you say in your response Tim, you’ve walked away from battles that you believe you’ve already won. The problem I see, that we all have; is that you may have walked away from your battles; but that doesn’t mean those you have walked away from have settled their battles with you and that in itself can cause stress and awkwardness, regardless of whether you’re waiting for karma to happen.

      I also believe that what we put out there, we get back. If we put out kindness that comes back too. As you rightly say, karma does reward for whatever reason at whatever time.

      It would help if more of us believed it too. How much better our relationships would be because we’re working from the same page. There would be no conflict or disagreement on a way forward.

      1. Thank you Ilana. As I am thinking about this, Karma is at work. So my last concern is the slowness of how Karma deliberates or whether someone hasn’t settled their problem with me; I believe Karma is encompassing in how it works.

        When you combine Karma and faith; many of our issues will be solved without lifting a finger.

        1. Yes, those two issues will always be issues unless you either come to a compromise or sort the problem out. If we choose to walk away because of something that has been done to us; we have no choice but to wait for karma to act. Karma is slow. It could be a day; a week; a month; a year; two years… it could also be a lifetime.

          Unfortunately karma happens when it happens; we must abide by its rule. I agree with your last paragraph; karma and faith allow us to believe that we are be protected; that the universe will act on our behalf, whatever the issue.

          I draw comfort from that. If we’re not the ones at fault, we have very little to worry about; but we must always be patient so that we get through the process without feeling stressed.

  3. I have a hard time believing in karma the way other people do, considering if I got what I deserved, my life would be as horrible as the nightmares I have every night.

    I have watched far too many bad things happen to such good people, to really think that karma works in the universe.

    There was a time when I hoped and prayed that karma would really bite those people who had wronged me in the ass, but I have yet to see it happen, so I have had to change what I think of it.

    The way you describe it makes a lot more sense, considering it’s more about balance being returned to the way things are in life. I have to accept that life isn’t always fair and people don’t always get what they deserve, but it doesn’t mean I have to like that idea!

    1. Thanks Randy. Do we ever really know who gets bitten? I’m not sure we really know what people go through themselves.

      Things always look better from a far than they do for upfront, so it’s not to say that others won’t struggle. We just don’t think they do compared to how we see our lives and our own struggles.

      I do agree with you that from the outset life doesn’t always seem fair, but life goes the way it’s supposed to. No matter how and what I’ve had to deal with, I’ve always tried to see the flip side of the coin so that I’m not constantly embroiled in negativity all the time.

      I honestly believe that even with a traumatic past we may have, we can turn our lives around. I am more bothered about my life and how I get to live my life, than I am with wanting to know whether karma has been served on others, for what they’ve put me through.

      That doesn’t make what they’ve done right, nor does it condone their actions, but because each and everyone of us is judged on our own deeds; we are accountable regardless. We need to be more concerned about ourselves in that respect.

      Rest assured, karma will do what it’s supposed to. We must work on ourselves and put our own lives in order.

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