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What is it like living with cerebral palsy? I cannot truly answer that question as for 46 years of my life I never knew that’s what I had. It was only in March 2009 that I was finally diagnosed.

How did I feel as the child then, the adult now? Those times were enormously difficult for me. Some days I felt isolated, angry, cheated, misunderstood and frustrated. Other days I felt insular and alone. It wasn’t something my family talked about. “There was never anything wrong with me.” It was never brought up unless I talked about it then it was quickly dismissed like hot cakes as if the condition didn’t exist. But it did!

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Book Launch: 4 days to go

Book Endorsement for Spirituality, Healing and Me

Spirituality, Healing and Me Book Launch: 16th September, 2021

“IIana’s important work here illustrates the raw nuts and bolts of life, and it is soul food for grounding, healing, and discovery of one’s spiritual core. There are so many unveiled truths effortlessly presented that our society needs to hear. May her words touch your spirit as they have mine.”

Maegan Coker, Spiritual Medium & Intuitive

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12 Sep, 2021

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