World Car Free Day

World Car Free Day is celebrated on September 22, throughout the world and encourages motorists to give up their cars for a day. The event highlights the numerous benefits of going car free, including reduced air pollution and the promotion of walking and cycling in a safer environment.

Car-free days are an opportunity for cities to highlight how congested roads can be used in different ways. From races for alternative-energy powered vehicles in Budapest, to horse-riding in São Paulo …

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22 Sep, 2019

Best exercises for anger

Anger and stress go hand in hand. As stress levels rise, so do our levels of frustration and tension. When we carry repressed or uncontrolled anger, those will cause us aggravation and stress.

Effectively handling anger requires us to use a combination of stress and management exercises. These techniques may be learned on your own, or for maximum benefits discussed with a …

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21 Sep, 2019

Child neglect

Since I started my blog 9 years ago, I haven’t talked about my child neglect in detail, but unless you perceive each situation with neglect in mind, it’s not always easy to understand or equate that what you’re going through is in fact neglect.

I didn’t equate or understand that having my disability mentally and emotionally ignored was child neglect. Perhaps it’s good that I didn’t, otherwise I might not have coped at all. But those mental struggles …

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19 Sep, 2019

Facing your fears

It’s a normal response for us to want to avoid the things we fear. Exposing yourself to fear is perfectly normal, and is something you must do if you are to overcome the fear you feel.

Fear is normal. We will all feel fear at some point in our lives. Fear can help us learn to avoid dangerous situations. It instinctively helps protect us from harm, fear helps us recognise danger and, in some …

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18 Sep, 2019

Making sense of my symptoms

I continually live and deal with anxiety because I have autism. The anxiety I have, creates the panic I feel that I don’t always have control over.

The time I spend with myself is the only time I have a clear mind, a time when I am able to make sense of things. Although routine has always been important to me, I never understood why. As a child it wasn’t …

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17 Sep, 2019

Poor nutrition absorption

When we eat a meal, our thoughts don’t often go beyond how it looks or tastes, but eating is much more than just putting food in our mouth. What we do outside of eating our food, can actually have an impact on the way our body absorbs its nutrients.

Fortunately, there are ways to boost the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, helping us to get the most out of food and supporting …

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15 Sep, 2019

Myths about cerebral palsy

Considering cerebral palsy is one of the most common childhood congenital disorders, there are myths and false information out there regarding the condition.

There is also some ignorance around the condition. Some people have never heard of cerebral palsy, some people have heard of it, but don’t understand what it means or what it is. The most common misconceptions …

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14 Sep, 2019

A problem of trust

A lack of trust will affect the strength of our social, mental, physical and emotional health. To have trust is to have faith that someone has your back. Where we fail to trust our judgment, or our gut instinct, we won’t trust ourselves, therefore we will resist trusting others.

Negative beliefs attach themselves to anyone who lacks trust in others, which means they’re likely to attract similar people who reflect those same negative beliefs, rather than challenge them. Being around people …

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13 Sep, 2019