My ‘Gift’

As I began to watch the Umbrella Academy series in lockdown, I began to resonate with the story line, likening their feeling different and not understanding why, to my also feeling different without the understanding.

It took me until the age of 46 to know about cerebral palsy, another 10 years to know that my mental and emotional struggles were autism. It would also take me 46 years to be able to put pen to paper through my blog …

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14 Aug, 2020

Freedom Through Healing

You struggle all your life to make sense of your disability, of who you are, of your experiences and those who knew thought I shouldn’t know. It’s not how that should have gone, but it is how it went.

Talking and writing about my experiences through my blog, how I got to this place, has helped me address and come to terms with my experiences, my blogs show a human side. Yes, I have mentally and emotionally …

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13 Aug, 2020

Arsenic in rice

An increasing number of reports over the last few years have highlighted concerns about the amount of arsenic in rice and related products and the potential health implications, particularly for infants and young children.

Arsenic and health

Arsenic is a toxic substance that is naturally present in our environment and is absorbed by some food crops as they grow and so cannot be completely eliminated from the food we eat, or the water we …

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12 Aug, 2020

Covid_19, our responsibility

New cases of Covid_19 are cropping up near to where I live. Adjoining districts have gone back into lockdown and I am still home.

Let’s talk about the reality. Unless everyone is responsible and starts to wear a mask in public, the virus will continue to rise and more people who are high risk for Covid will continue to have to isolate just so they …

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10 Aug, 2020

My follow on Book

Being in lockdown, I have had an opportunity to work on my second book, whilst continuing to write and run my website The CP Diary.

My next book will be a follow on from my first book Cerebral Palsy: ‘A Story’ but this time it will chart my healing and spiritual journey. A journey that at times seemed daunting, sometimes out of reach, but optimistic that I would come through the other end, a more balanced and stronger individual for having made the journey.

The way I look at it, we can stagnate whilst we continue to blame our lives on …

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9 Aug, 2020

Facing the truth

I faced the truth by coming face to face with my disability. Always the inquisitive child, I wanted and needed to know what was wrong with me. Instead of facing the truth, many of us may choose to live in denial.

It’s a person’s choice to deny reality as a way of avoiding psychologically uncomfortable truths and we’ve made it into an artform. But by us facing the truth, we’re demonstrating to ourselves …

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8 Aug, 2020

Clear your mind

With something like autism it’s not always easy to find a resolution, to clear your mind. We may all start off with good intentions to find a resolve, but finding a resolve isn’t easy either.

Meditation helps you clear your mind; it’s a practice that has been going on for centuries, both in spiritual and religious traditions all over the world. It can have profound effects on your health. If done …

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6 Aug, 2020

My new normal

I am struggling with anxiety trying to fit back into my life with Covid_19. I know what my limitations are now I am out of lockdown. It’s not just autism that’s making me feel uncomfortable.

Sensory Processing Disorder is making my decision making harder. What is my ‘new normal’ isn’t fitting in with what was my …

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5 Aug, 2020