A Charles R Swindoll quote

Something inspirational:

“Precious few are those who can live in the lap of luxury… who can keep their moral, spiritual and financial equilibrium… while balancing on the elevated tightrope of success… there is about one in a hundred who can dance to the tune of success without paying the paper named compromise.”


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14 Aug, 2018

Working with my intuition

Although I didn’t always make the correlation between my inward and outward thoughts growing up, I innately believed there was an external force around me, although I didn’t know what that meant.

Whenever I was dealing with anxiety and bad thoughts, I would try to chant those thoughts away in the hope that something would help me take those thoughts away. As time moved on, I eventually …

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13 Aug, 2018

Is the glass half empty?

‘Is the glass half empty or half full?’ Do you see life as a reason to celebrate, or has your life become an everyday chore? But there is no doubt, we will achieve very little with a half empty glass.

No matter the experience, it’s important we look for and think about opportunities as well as constraints to try to balance the glass being half empty or half full. Our perceptions and how we see and …

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12 Aug, 2018

Reducing our stress

The day we become assertive is the day our life changes, is the day other people’s lives become harder, is the day our stress levels became reduced. It changed my life.

Not being assertive enough, can make us feel powerless to control things in our life. Not being assertive enough can lead us being less content in ourselves and that can lead to feelings of frustration and anger …

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9 Aug, 2018

Mental health & anxiety

We don’t think about our mental health, we take good mental health for granted. Mental illness is usually something someone else deals with that we don’t equate for ourselves. It’s important we all think about the state of our mental health.

As a child I didn’t equate the bad thoughts I had with anxiety, or understand that anxiety was a mental health problem. Although my thinking was extremely deep, subconsciously I wasn’t quite there …

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8 Aug, 2018

Accepting what I know

I will never know now if my cerebral palsy diagnosis as a child will have helped me understand my presenting symptoms. I do know for sure I will have known about my inability to learn and about my intellect.

Unless things have changed and doctors have moved further on in their approach, once you have a diagnosis, consultants don’t look at all the presenting symptoms, unless it’s a symptom that’s obvious …

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7 Aug, 2018