Travel & chronic illness

There is no getting away from the fact that I deal with a chronic and acute illness. I tend to have to work at staying well, because I am not guaranteed wellness.

When it comes to travel, any road trip or holiday feels like a burden. It can also feel like a no-win situation, because when I do travel, I have payback later. No matter how meticulous I am …

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18 Jun, 2018

My education

I remember having an intelligence test as a child because doctors needed to work out whether I was mentally retarded or not. It’s only now that I understand why I had the test. I now know the test I should have been given was a standardized intelligence and standardized adaptive skills …

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16 Jun, 2018

Wine with dinner

For decades, US guidelines have stated that drinking alcohol in moderation would not lead to medical problems for healthy adults. It also stated that it might even have positive benefits for heart health.

But a new analysis (Risk Thresholds for Alcohol Consumption, A Wood et al) published in the British journal The Lancet April 2018, questions the suggestion that an alcoholic drink or two …

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13 Jun, 2018

A break from the norm

On Saturday morning I posted my blog as usual, by Saturday afternoon I was off line and I felt panicked. I am now pleased The CP Diary is back on line.

With no break in blogs for the last 8+ years, missing a day on my website, I was gutted. You could say it was ‘a break from the norm’ but for me it was the most stressful time, because …

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12 Jun, 2018

A time for mourning

Mourning isn’t just something we do when we lose a loved one. Mourning is also for something that happens to us, something that we need to come to understand. It’s for something we need to work through, for us to come to terms with, or something we need to accept, whichever comes first.

There were days, particularly in the early days when I first acquired a diagnosis on my disability, when what was done to me felt heavy. I needed time to mourn for the emotional loss and support I …

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9 Jun, 2018

Holding a grudge

Although ‘no one goes go to school to be a parent’ and we’ve probably all heard that saying a thousand times growing up, it puts children at a disadvantage. That however our parents, parent we’re supposed to be okay with it.

It’s not okay because our lives are shaped by how our parents parent us, with us eventually holding a grudge against them for all their wrongdoings. Although the analogy is correct, the deed isn’t …

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8 Jun, 2018