Spirituality, Healing and Me

‘Spirituality, Healing and Me’ – Endorsements 

TR Bauer, Author

“Once again, Ilana Estelle shoots straight from the heart and hits her mark. With a unique blend of pragmatism and spiritual insight she lays down principles of inner healing that are both time-honored and fresh. Ilana’s wisdom did not come without a price; It was born from severe adversity. Her most recent book, Spirituality, Healing and Me, is a gift to the universe. “

Bryan Benson

“I could not put this epic story down, finally a book that helps us to understand the process some experience during healing and …

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28 Oct, 2021

The Gift of Intuition

Writing blogs for my website The CP Diary and putting information out there is a big responsibility, and continues to be a responsibility, one that I have got used to.

To write, I work with the universe and my intuition. For those who may not know what intuition is, it’s the feeling you get about something when there is no logical explanation. Intuition is never wrong. It is a dialogue between you and the universe, it is an open door to answers that you find difficult to place for yourself.

Even as far back as a child, I always felt connected, …

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27 Oct, 2021

Changing your perspective

It doesn’t matter what lengths you go to in your every day, there will always be others who think what they think. It happens in every-day life, it happens in your working lives. You may also read about people’s ‘real lives’ in magazines.

For anyone whose lives have changed and who have moved on, where they have found success, they have done what they needed to do, but even moving on comes at a cost, when they fail to get the recognition …

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26 Oct, 2021

Social Benefits of Exercise

We are all aware of the benefits of exercise, such as improved overall health, reduced risk of serious diseases, lower blood pressure and a strong, toned body. But health isn’t just about being physically strong and healthy, it’s about your mental health.

There are also significant benefits arising from the social aspects of exercise. Meeting and catching up with friends can be as …

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24 Oct, 2021

Understanding and Change

I don’t hold back because I know I would be in a worse place mentally. Since I started writing, I have always written about my thoughts and feelings, my emotions. I know that if I didn’t, my mental health would take a knock.

My book Cerebral Palsy: A Story ‘Finding the Calm After the Storm’ is the start of me understanding my disability, understanding my life, through the universal principles. Working through my disability, in a …

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23 Oct, 2021

Lies don’t turn into truths

Lies don’t turn into truths, just because we say it, or because we repeat it enough times. Lies are lies, just as truths are truths.

We know when we tell the truth, but not everyone will care and they may lie. We need to want to care, to be truthful and to reduce how much we lie. It is the intention behind the lies that are more damaging than …

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20 Oct, 2021

Embracing Spirituality

Spirituality for many seems like a hard concept to grasp, but having embraced the concept many years ago, it’s not as hard as you think; promise. We have to want to give ourselves the opportunity to embrace all that ‘spirituality’ is.

It’s us wanting to live the simple life, a more peaceful life; a more calm life. It’s giving back instead of taking. it’s being patient; being tolerant, it’s living with compassion, offering empathy, learning to listen instead …

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19 Oct, 2021

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