My feelings as a child

Another personal blog because this was on my mind. My parents never positively encouraged me to think about my feelings as a child, which meant I missed out on the opportunity for me to be able to process my feelings.

Knowing about autism as a child would have makes that process even more difficult. As the adult, I have had to start at the beginning to learn how to process my feelings. Unless something becomes obvious and …

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12 Nov, 2019

Finally proving myself

Having finished the book as my thoughts turn to publication day, I now have a new thinking. I never thought about how I would feel writing the book, or whether it would change me through the other end.

It’s been a long drawn out process, three and a half years to be exact. Writing the book has catapulted me into a different mental space. Becoming a writer has shown others just what I was capable of, even …

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10 Nov, 2019

On the back burner

There’s a project you’ve put on the back burner, there’s a phone call you need to make and you’re still putting it off. But just imagine how much freer you’ll feel and how much less stress you’ll have, if you stop putting things on the back burner.

If life teaches us one thing, it’s that we must do the things we don’t want to do and nothing goes away until we deal with it. All too often and in hindsight, it’s the things we ignore that are the things we wish we’d dealt with, further down the line.

Learn to see the merit even …

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9 Nov, 2019

Why we mustn’t be defined

We define ourselves by the standards we create. Those standards are a checklist of our behaviour, ethics and morality.

Each of our also stories contain a set of standards, which initially our parents set for us, which we continue to define ourselves by. The problem is that most of us don’t think about the standards we’re subconsciously …

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8 Nov, 2019

Knowledge is power

With no understanding on my sensory issues, over the years, I have bought clothes that didn’t feel quite right, but I thought I could get past. Knowing would have saved me money, and those clothes could have gone to good homes.

Now when I touch something, if it doesn’t feel right, I walk away. I needed to make my understanding of the unfamiliar, familiar, I needed to stop, pause and somehow equate why things didn’t feel right …

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6 Nov, 2019

Men and mental health

Mental health is something that concerns us all. It’s not just something women deal with, it’s something men have to cope with too.

But statistics show that 40% of men don’t talk to anyone about their mental health and that must change. Mental health continues to be a taboo subject for men, with men dealing with feelings of sadness …

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5 Nov, 2019

My book is ‘My Story’

Although through my blog I write about my experiences around a disability I didn’t know I had and I talk about my experiences, it is completely different to how my book will read.

My book is ‘my story’. I take myself through my childhood, through my struggles in the early years, through my teenage years, and up to the current time. It goes more into my thoughts and feelings on my …

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4 Nov, 2019