Benefits of selflessness

There are benefits to being selfless. Being able to do anything selflessly means you’re helping to expand your sense of self, sense of who you are. It means you’re less jealous, less vanity focused and less mean.

When we act selfishly, we limit ourselves to a thinking that only benefits us. Where selfish acts hinder emotional and spiritual growth, selfless acts build on emotional and spiritual growth. Being selfless puts you a cut above the rest.

Being selfless, means you’re not acting on your ego, or that you have a desire to prove yourself to others. In a world that is changed, we must be selfless. Selflessness means you want to help others; it means you’re working without the ego.

If you give help to others, you must want to do it selflessly, not to anticipate or expect a reward back. If you give help to others, and you expect recognition returned, consciously or unconsciously, this is not selflessness.

The benefits of being selfless means you’re in tune with your higher self and the universe. It also means you’re identifying with others and you’re choosing to make a difference.

Selflessness is its own reward. It’s a quality that makes people better and society, and communities sweeter. When you are selfless, it is a quality you will instinctively identify with, appreciate and see in others.

25 May, 2020

2 thoughts on “Benefits of selflessness

  1. Being selfless means caring and giving without expectation and respecting others needs, rather than our own. Our only motivation should be doing the right thing by others.

    It’s the opposite of ego in a world run by egotists.

    1. Thanks. Yes, you have a point. It’s hard to imagine a world where all people are selfless, where they see to their needs but also manage to help and address other people’s needs. It NEEDS to happen.

      ‘It’s the opposite of ego in a world run by egotists.’ It’s what we have with a few exceptions, who it’s clear have no backbone.

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